What do we suggest children read which doesn't glorify conflict?  These are some of my favorites.

  • The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss - The Butter Battle Book was first published during the cold war.  The humorously presented tale of the Zooks and the Yooks is a parody of the one-upmanship of U.S.-Soviet days and still has a lot to teach about intolerance and how tit-for-tat violence can quickly get out of hand.
  • Stories of the Underground Railroad by Anna L. Curtis - When Rufus Jones spoke to a group in Boston during the second world war, he recommended this book for children.  Although the terminology is dated, the stories are still great lessons in courage and integrity.
  • The Friendly Persuasion  and Except for Me and Thee by Jessamyn West - These are collections of short stories about a quaker family living in Indiana at the time of the Civil War.  Although aimed at an adult audience, I thoroughly enjoyed them in high school. The themes dealt with are mostly minor, though the difficulty of remaining pacifist in the midst of war is treated.
  •  Listing of winners of the Jane Addams Children's Book Awards - This award was established as part of The Jane Addams Peace Association goal "to foster a better understanding between the people of the world toward the end that wars may be avoided and a more lasting peace enjoyed."  Each year a picture book and a longer book receive recognition.


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