Help with Study Skills   

STUDY SKILLS TOPIC PAGES: Designed to Help Students Do Better In School
Clear information on study skills including preparing to study, developing better reading and listening skills, guidelines for creating flash cards, and suggestions for further reading.  Designed for students in elementary school through college.

This site doesn't have just one area targeted.  There are suggestions for preparing to learn, participating in classrooms, studying, reading skills, preparing for tests, taking tests, writing skills, and writing essays.  Within these areas there are topics such as effective study habits, how to contribute to discussion in the classroom, taking notes from a text book, emergency test preparation, and transitional words and phrases.

This guide has been designed to help teach you how to learn. It should help you work out sensible solutions to any problems you may come across as you work towards the qualifications you will need.

There are many sites listed at the bottom of the Study Guides and Strategies page that contain information on how to study for college students.  These are frequently put out by a specific college.  The two sites below are part of a college course in "How to study.

This is written for college students, but is useful for high school students also.  In this lesson, you will learn one of the most powerful learning skills discovered by teachers, psychologists, and students. This skill is called reviewing. The value of reviewing has been demonstrated by many students in many ways as well as by research. Reviewing works!

Again, this is written for college students.  Success in school requires that you use your time well. In fact, you must carefully plan your time and use your best skills to make sure you learn the most in the least time. The main point of time and effort planning is to choose the best way to meet your obligations in the time available.

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